KUBB is a French computer with an exclusive, timeless design that perfectly embodies the raw elegance of the lines of a cube. It represents the perfect blend of avant-garde technology and traditional French craftsmanship in all its nobility.

This bewitchingly charming computer, a pure concentrate of technology, will revolutionise your computing with a new vision that is at once pragmatic, minimalist and aesthetically pleasing.


The computer with a unique design 

Fascinating, intriguing and remarkably geometric, its cubic shape and extremely small size make it a highly desirable digital tool that no one wants to hide.

Since 2014, KUBB has been constantly renewing and improving. It revolutionises your IT with a new vision that is at once pragmatic, minimalist and aesthetically pleasing; while concentrating the best of technology for optimum consumer benefit.

Available in a range of colours, it will fit in with any environment, whether in the living room or the office.


Behind its small size (12x12cm) and its architecture based on the latest-generation Intel® Core™ processors, lies a real concentrate of technology with unprecedented performance. 

Equipped with an innovative thermal system, designed to enable Intel® chips to perform the most demanding tasks, all in complete silence so as not to interfere with your work.

The KUBB's unprecedented performance lends itself to a multitude of uses. It's a true all-rounder, not only for your office applications, but also for putting you in the ideal position to create, code and collaborate, while enjoying a richer, more immersive and more fluid visual experience. 

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