After the success of the first KUBB MINI, launched in 2022, this one in 2024 reinvents itself with a slightly more technical design while retaining the classicism and boldness of the first. Allowing for an Intel® Alder Lake-N processor as well as new ports including two HDMI™ and RJ45 Ethernet Port.

You'll be able to take advantage of enhanced performance, whether for office tasks or as a small, versatile multimedia workstation, or simply as a real retrogaming station.


The KUBB MINI is a totally fanless computer just under 8cm square.

Made of aluminum and available in five colors, it will revolutionize your vision of computing thanks to its total silence, its technical specifications and its intriguing-minimalist look.

The KUBB MINI is an extraordinary computer, reflecting our desire to offer the very best in technology, elegance and consumer benefits. 

Small... But POWERFUL

The KUBB MINI range is all about pushing the limits of performance.

Behind its Lilliputian size lies a concentrate of technology with unprecedented performance. The KUBB MINI is equipped with Intel® Lake-N processor architecture and the N100 model features a 12th Generation quad-core microprocessor and Intel® UHD graphics.

Storage is entrusted to NVMe SSDs and includes 16GB of LPDDR5 memory for unprecedented performance, while its wide range of ports makes the KUBB MINI an ideal candidate to support you in your work.

Finally, the KUBB MINI consumes an average of around ten watts, making it much more environmentally friendly than a conventional desktop PC.


Connect it to a TV, plug in some game controllers, install a few retrogaming games and you're in for a new era of gaming with family and friends.

Add a keyboard, a mouse and a screen and you're in ideal conditions for your day-to-day work: office automation, spreadsheets, accounting, management and surfing the web.

The KUBB MINI is the everyday computer, ideal for anyone looking for a stable, elegant and affordable performer. It will meet all your needs, from routine tasks to the most demanding.

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