Pushing back the limits of sound mastery and the art of fusion, the leitmotif of this KUBB Fanless.

KUBB cultivates its difference even further, combining boldness, expertise, technicality and classicism by fusing the brand's benchmark and symbol, the KUBB, in its shape but with more symmetry and a touch of modernity. The aim is to transform the classic shell into a minimalist radiator to optimize thermal performance and make the KUBB an absolutely silent computer.

A sonic experience

Unlike conventional computers, KUBB FANLESS is built without any mechanical parts to cool the internal components. For its manufacture, we use a block of aluminum cut from the mass to act as a radiator. In contact with all components to absorb heat from them, and by natural convection, cooler ambient air causes hot air to rise to the top, and cooler air to descend to take its place. This natural convection process cools the entire computer.

Imagine streaming your podcasts, recording your audio data, viewing your 4K content or simply coding, surfing, videoconferencing... all in total silence.

Your workspace of tomorrow, today 

Take full advantage of the versatility of the KUBB FANLESS, equipped with the latest Intel® processors with unrivalled performance and energy efficiency, 100% flash storage and its wide range of ports (USB, Thunderbolt™, Ethernet...).

Much more than a simple mini-computer (12x12cm), this little marvel will make you forget about your desk or TV cabinet, and will keep you focused on the essentials of your work thanks to its absolute silence.

UNIQUE design

The slim, elegant vertical fins are key elements in the aesthetics of the KUBB FANLESS, giving it a modern, minimalist appearance.

They are also necessary and useful for cooling, helping to better propagate and dissipate heat.

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