With this leather line, KUBB is cultivating its difference even further by combining audacity, fantasy and classicism. The expertise of the patinas, the selection of leathers and the precision of the cuts create an unparalleled symbiosis between technology and French know-how, resulting in a unique, innovative and high-tech piece.


Leather is the product of the transformation of an animal's hide into a noble and durable material. Few people know it, but the leather industry is, in essence, the oldest recycling activity in the world.In France, more than 170,000 tonnes of waste are avoided every year, and animal welfare is not sacrificed. And for good reason: a well-cared-for animal provides much higher-quality leather.

What's more, we favour short circuits, and our leather is French and comes from tanneries near Toulouse


Designed in coordination with saddlers, with a desire to surprise and create a noble, functional object.

The KUBB CUIR, like the material it's made of, uses first-rate components, such as the latest Intel® processors with unrivalled performance and energy efficiency, 100% flash storage, and an innovative cooling system that not only consumes very little energy but is also inaudible.

Unprecedented performance, a wide range of ports (USB, Thunderbolt™, Ethernet...) and its compact size (12x12cm) make the KUBB CUIR a true computer that expresses through its mix of Craftsmanship and Technology a rigorous spirit that favours innovation, boldness and the quest for excellence.


At KUBB, craftsmanship is unconditionally linked to art, an infinite source of inspiration and tradition. Here, perfection, a fundamental value, is energy and creativity, in a resolutely modern approach combined with traditional techniques.

 There are many techniques for sewing leather, but the star of them all is the saddle stitch. Used on all our leather shells, this stitch first appeared around the 13th century and was introduced to contemporary leather goods by the famous Hermès fashion house. This tight, sloping stitch gives the KUBB a fluid, elegant look.

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