What colors will KUBBbe sporting in 2024?

The colors of of the year  

Escape the winter blues at the start of the year and add some color to your digital tool!

From pastels and dynamic pop colors to elegant neutrals, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to adding pizzazz to your working environment.


A little red... a little yellow... and you've got orange, a dynamic, eye-catching color.

Warm and sparkling in combination with very light tones or brown, your KUBB Orange will look great on a dark wood desk.


Invigorating, pure and anti-stress, Vert Pomme is the new touch of radiance for your interior.

Paired with white, a cameo of greens, or in a natural spirit between vegetal green and metallic gray, the Apple Green shell will be perfect in the office as well as at home.


Who said professionalism was synonymous with sobriety? It's time to leave it behind! With the Fuchsia hull, it's time to rediscover a color with strong character. This lively color will bring a tonic note to your work environment.

Imagine your Fuchsia kubb on a white desk - a daring combination for a glamorous, punchy ambience!


The sobriety of white with a touch of madness!

The Kubb Quartz shell brings the material to life with its frosted texture and silver reflections, while revisiting the simplicity of white.

Discreet and sophisticated, your Kubb Quartz blends seamlessly into any work or leisure environment.


Bring some cheer to your home!

Synonymous with festivity and celebration, Kubb Ambre Sablé comes in sparkling, ever-changing shades, from white to saffron, pale yellow, ochre and mustard yellow.

Ambre Sablé is ideal for modern interiors. It can be combined with any other warm shade and will blend naturally into your surroundings.

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