Artist ALX and his colorful world take over the KUBB

ALX Fernandez 

Born in Toulouse on October 17, 1974, he has never left the city.

He's in the city he loves, crisscrossing it on his skateboard. He's known and recognized as a top-level skateboarder and painter. It's only natural that Toulouse should offer him his first opportunity to shine a light on his work, with an exhibition at CARHARTT (acrylics) in 2007.

Music attracts him, and his guitar accompanies him in his colourful universe where love feelings are exacerbated in the feline postures of the cats and birds he sketches. Like his cats, he's an endearing nonchalant who never takes his claws out to seduce.

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ALX Fernandez  the "MAKING OF" 

When technology reinvents itself to seduce contemporaries thanks to a perfect alliance between digital culture and art.

Artist AlX infuses positive energy, a bold, boundless freedom that celebrates geometry and nature with an eye for detail and excellence.

From the Street Art Collection, these KUBBs share a creative passion and a demand for perfection, combining modernity and high-tech with contemporary design.

Three exceptional WORKS 

Technique : Posca / Acrylic / Molotow / Colorex (ink watercolours)

Day Before Fiction

Fiction 2


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